Stuðningsfætur rafmagns með fjarstýringu


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Stuðningsfætur m/rafmagns fjarstýringu frá ALKO

  • UP4 – developed for the camping of today
  • Ideal combination with the Al-Ko Ranger due to combination remote control
  • Faster and more relaxed – developed for today’s camping
  • Comfortable and back-friendly thanks to remote control
  • Stable due to BIG FOOT and electrical levelling of unevenness
With UP4 from AL-KO you can raise the supports of your caravan by remote control and adjust them to the point. Quicker, safer and more comfortable than ever before. UP4 is more than just another technical accessory. It adds value to your vacation. Because you’ll be relieving your back, your nerves and recover as soon as you arrive at the campsite. Your neighbors will envy you!
One step faster: No matter how fast you can crank: The UP4 electric support system makes it faster. And more relaxed
One step more comfortable: simply extend and adjust the supports by remote control. Spare the intervertebral discs. And the nerves
One level more stable: With UP4 you electrically level out unevenness and the BIG FOOT is already included. For safe standing in the terrain
One level more intelligent: Combine the UP4 support system with the AL-KO RANGER: This allows you to park and manoeuvre elegantly with a single remote control
One step safer: Simply extended at the push of a button and thus protected against theft. A special adapter protects against unauthorized manual resetting
4 premium supports incl. drive, BIG FOOT, bottom rail for reinforcement, 4 bearing bushes, 1 anti-theft adapter, remote control with holder, 1 control unit, installation material, battery disconnector, manual
Vörunúmer: Reimo-466971
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